Thursday, April 5, 2012

New commercial website

I've been really busy preparing the commercial release of panStamp: presentations, production, logistics, ... and our new commercial website. I now feel that I've delayed this too much but, at least, we are on time for May.

This site still needs to be completed with a FAQ page and a user forum but the main structure is already there. Announcements on the commercial website should replace this blog after some time. In the meantime, I'll be duplicating the posts here and there. You'll also notice that the commercial website is showing very few details about the technical aspects of the project. I really want to leave this for the documentation wiki.

This project will show an interesting activity next week. On the commercial side, we'll be releasing a campaign from indiegogo where we'll be offering developer kits as the ones owned by our beta-testers. On the technical side, a first version of Lagarto-MAX will be probably released... time to upload some data to the cloud...

Stay tuned !!

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