Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SWAPping packets with my ez430-Chronos – Part 2

I've been doing some progresses on the custom firmware for the ez430-Chronos. I'm now able to control panStamp outputs via SWAP from the Chronos browser. Besides, whenever the SWAP mode is activated, the Chronos periodically sends multiple data measured from its internal sensors: temperature, barometric pressure and altitude (calculated from the barometric pressure).

Figure 1: Chronos watch displaying a SWAP binary output

As for the external values, temperature and humidity are received from a battery-operated panStamp whilst LED's are controlled by a second panStamp connected to a permanent power supply. You may notice the little heart appearing on the left side of the screen. That little heart indicates that the endpoint is an output so that it can be controlled from the arrow buttons. I'd like to upload a video showing these and other features but I want to show something more interesting than just turning a couple of LED's on and off.

The rest of features already existing in the Open Chronos firmware are enabled, except for the continuous transmission of accelerometer data, where I'm still working on. Another feature that needs to be added is the ability to save configuration data on the Chronos flash, including calibration data. After this, I think that my Open Chronos add-ons will be ready for release.

Finally, my Chronos is experiencing a notable voltage drop whenever it enters the communication mode. Maybe my Chronos came with a discharged battery so this may explain the problem. In any case, I'll need to replace the battery... once I find how to do it.

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