Friday, March 18, 2011

panStamp library now available on Google Code

A first version of the panStamp library has been recently uploaded to Google Code. This library has a GPL license so anyone could use it for their projects, commercial or not, free of charge.

SVN repository on Google Code:

From the panStamp library we may use just the CC1101 driver or the complete application stack, including SWAP and the endpoint management system. In the next days I'll also try to show some examples of real applications in order to give a better understanding about the way to interface with the library
Figure 1: UML diagram of the panStamp library v0.0.1 

As for the final size of the binaries, an Arduino sketch implementing a simple basic SWAP-enabled sensor, with integrated endpoint management system, takes around 5 KB of flash (of 30 KB available in the Atmega328p) and will take no more than 725 bytes of RAM (of 2 KB available in the Atmega328p). Given that the Arduino bootloader needs 2 KB of flash, our sketch should still run on an Atmega88 without problems.

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