Friday, June 10, 2011

Wiki documentation

I just wanted to let you know that I'm (slowly) documenting everything related to this project in the Google Code wiki page

Currently, there are just a couple of pages available but I have the intention to make this wiki grow with further resources, descriptions and manuals.

This page introduces SWAP, the basis of the protocol itself, frame format and types of packets:
Description of the SWAP protocol

This other page describes the mandatory registers that any SWAP device has to maintain in order to provide basic interoperability between devices:
List of mandatory registers

I'm now working in the way to provide information about custom registers. I've finally taken the decision to use XML files for that purpose. From a functional point of view, any software or device wanting to automatically detect the available registers or endpoints in a wireless network should have access to a central repository of XML product descriptions. Then it would be just an issue of identifying the correct XML file from the product code, one of the mandatory registers listed in the above wiki page.

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