Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New panStamps

After a long period of time, new prototypes are here! Production has taken almost four weeks given that I've had to coordinate very different actors in this process: PCB manufacturer and assembler, two different part suppliers, international duties and finally shipping companies. Next time, and for regular productions, I hope to reduce the necessary times since mechanisms have already been set up.

Picture 1: new panStamps

I was hopping the yellow silkscreen to provide a better contrast when printed over the black solder mask. However, the yellow ink seems to be a bit transparent so I'm finally getting something closer to a light gold color. Not bad once I got used to although next production run will probably use white silkscreen.

Now it's time program boards and run some basic tests before sending boards to beta-testers.

Picture 2: new panStamps

New DIP-24 format has considerably reduced the size of panStamps (new dimensions = 30.5 x 18 mm). On the other hand, the unsoldered 5-pin row still gives access to the SPI port, used to program the Arduino bootloader.

Picture 3: panSticks

panSticks are just USB boards where to plug the panStamps onto. These boards can be used to program panStamps serially from the Arduino IDE and also interface wireless networks from computers.

Picture 4: Bare PCB's - Top layer

Picture 5: Bare PCB's - Bottom layer


  1. Wooo well done man. I'm very happy to see the project completed!

  2. Hola, muy buen trabajo te felicito. Estoy interesado en probar estos dispositivos. ¿ los tienes a la venta?.

  3. Muchas gracias Alejandro. Todavía no. Estamos a punto de empezar los beta-tests. Si todo va bien, la venta comenzará en 1Q 2012